Welcome to our web portal. Jack & Rich Enterprise exports several products and goods. For a complete list of products, please take a look at our products.

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Jack & Rich Enterprise was started in Feb 2017. Our primary objective is to supply raw materials and products at wholesale prices. We pride ourselves in serving our customers and their demands.

Our core business is exporting goods at wholesale price. Products are of high quality. It will meet all your required specifications. Most important of all, you will get all your orders in time.

Our prices are reasonable and affordable. We source all products locally and hence the margin we keep is little. We want your business to grow exponentially and hence help you in sourcing raw material with the lowest cost possible.

We take deadlines very seriously. We try to deliver the product well before the deadline to avoid any possible delays. In fact we try to ensure the product reaches you at least 5 to 10 days in advance.

Some of the products we export are agro products like rice, basmati rice, sugar, spices, herbs, and supplements.

Our list of export products are growing day by day.

For any export related enquiries pls contact us.




For any export related enquiries pls do not hesitate to contact us. We swear we are friendly and won’t bite 🙂